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Kelli Conception Valued Clientele

Kelli took over after we fired our first Interior Designer. She quickly used her resources to carry on the job, and rectified a lot of issues left by the first ID. She worked with a group of experienced and skilful contractor and they delivered the project on time.

Chik Yang

Engaged Kelly Conception for renovation of my newly purchased apartment. Kelly simply has a knack for delivering a detailed, unique and elegant finishing touch with an expertise in utilising good quality yet value for money materials. Her rich experience in the industry and in depth knowledge have definitely helped me fine tune and develop a theme for my renovation when I started off with none. Love the way my whole unit turns out warm, cosy and elegant while keeping within a decent budget. 😊


Keliconception had transformed my messy house to a spacious and simple. My house now not only spacious than before and easy to clean and maintain.

Goh Bee Bee

Working with Kelly was a fantastic experience. She adeptly solved our storage challenges by creating a dedicated spices cabinet and seamlessly incorporating a new dishwasher. Our vision for a coffee corner was brought to life with her creative touch. The project was reasonably priced, and we are genuinely pleased with the results. Kelly is a highly recommended, skilled professional who transformed our kitchen with creativity and practical solutions!

Yun Xin Tan (Jovie)

Engaging Kelly was probably one of the best decisions taken on renovating my home during a time of the covid pandemic where services from contractors can prove to be challenging. Kelly managed all the contracting needs from renovation of toilets and kitchen to carpentry of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, to wood decking, to curtains - a one-stop-shop in addition to the ID services. She is great with designing storage for small spaces. She is easy to work with and this is something important because a project can only be successful if both parties can communicate well with each other. Would I recommend Kelli? - yes!

Wendy Heng

My wife and I came across Kelly's projects in a magazine and we found that her designs suited the style that we were going for. Prior to meeting Kelly, we spoke to a few other companies but Kelly stood out because her approach was unlike any other designers whom we have met. Before getting down to the designs, Kelly would take her time to understand our hobbies and lifestyle so that she could come up with something which is specially catered to our needs. Kelly understood that we had a budget to work with and gave us helpful tips on how we can stay within our budget. She would suggest alternatives that we can consider, and that helped us have a clear sense of what we were paying for. Kelly was meticulous in a way that she could spot any issues even before we have noticed them ourselves. All in all, Kelly and her team have done a fantastic job and they have exceeded our expectations!

Jason & Wyleen

We engaged the services of Kelly the second time in six years. This time, we had a tight budget for our new house. However, we were glad Kelly helped us meet our needs with good quality materials and workmanship.

Kelly was able to create for us homey interiors and brought inside the external colonial design with the use of wood and warm white palette with clean lines. And we were able to fit in nicely our existing furniture.

We had only 2.5 months for renovation works which included replacement of floor tiles, windows, electricity, plumbing, aircon units and carpentry. Kelly managed the project closely with our input, and delivered all this on time.

Heritage Seeker
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